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Today we can see a large number of university students who are highly interested in having new experiences in the world of work such as environmental consulting. In this post we want to motivate and provide some ideas on how you can approach this interesting world.

There are currently several options that young students, future professionals have at their disposal to be able to train in the world of consulting and environmental management. Highlight the possibility of contacting different organizations through the study center itself or externally in order to carry out internships, an example is ourselves,, consulting professional, who integrate internship students or volunteers who allow an approach to different more specific concepts, such as the internship student we have incorporated this year who will spend a summer at the Corcovado Foundation in Costa Rica. Other students of the same degree complement their training with international internships at other foundations as well as doing extracurricular internships in different places such as the biodiversity laboratory and participating in the way they can in different research, either by conducting field collections. classification of these … among others.

In addition there is a wide and continuous range of useful professional events to expand training such as various fairs and courses. Among the courses it should be mentioned that the same College of Environmentalists offers several in environmental and business initiatives, such as “Environmental administrative procedures” and “Environmental management in the company”, the College of Biologists also has a very wide range of courses on the subject. You can also go to different conferences, and talk to the speakers so that they can answer certain questions you may have or recommend organizations or companies that are in line with your goals. An example of these conferences could be the Society Congress. Spanish Center for the Conservation and Study of Mammals SECEM.

To give a brief overview, quote a very prominent phrase from an article on the search for the first professional opportunity in organic restoration that reads:

“Don’t miss the opportunity to keep a professional agenda”

By this phrase we mean that you are active in the community, do not be afraid to contact different people from different fields and create your own network of relationships. We also want to encourage you to participate in the events you upload, as this is where you will meet people who are experts in the subject who can guide you.

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Internship student Carlota Valenzuela Teacher

Course 2021-2022

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