We work, collaborate and advise on these aspects

Social and environmental innovation – Innovation coaching

Management and involvement in preliminary consultations of preliminar policy proposals

Drafting and processing of legislative proposals

Advising to organisations for political advocacy

Formulation of proposals for parliamentary and government allegations and amendments

Definition and construction | Exploration, activation, negotiation

Management and maintenance | Co-creation, empowerment, training

Evaluation and review | Accompaniment, facilitation

Maintenance of results | Closure, evolution, celebration, transfer

Consulting in strategic planning of organisations, projects and events

Multiactor approach, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Societal Impact of Research

Identification of opportunities

Partner search and definition of consortia

Horizon 2020 | Horizon Europe

LIFE Programme

Erasmus +



Search for public and private financing channels

European Innovation for the pilot of the EIC (European Innovation Council) for SMEs

Conferences, workshops for innovation and training


Rural environment and natural areas

Nature conservation and land stewardship

Social entrepreneurship in the territory

Environmental and social NGOs

Production, circular and green economy