Remote Work: Practical and specific tools and advices. With updates: v.3 2.5.2020

Persona Teletreballant

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This is an exceptional entry for exceptional times, and I will not make any preambles. Straight to the issue. I have no technical training in remote work, so everything that follows is compiled from what many networks and endless people and organizations are offering since the beginning of this historical socio-environmental crisis.

This post has three parts: 1) Compilations on Remote work (again, specific, you will not find that of “at home dress like if you were at work”); 2) Recommended tools, that I have not always tried ahead; 3) Specific tips, cul-de-sac section, Most of the links are in English pages. – Actually in this EN version I have skipped those materials in other languages, go to the CAT or ES version to see them).


2.Specific tools

3.Specific tips

Updated to 2.5.2020. – heading photo by ThisisEngineering from Pexels

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